Saturday, February 20, 2010

I like to buy cheap videos at thrift stores.  One day I found one I couldn't resist.  It was made in 1990 and it's called, "Eating.  A Very Serious Comedy about Women and Food."  First let me say, it is not a comedy.  (That's an understatement.)   That said, I want to say what food is not, based on what the women said in the movie.

Food is not your lover (one woman called it an abusive lover).  Food is not your companion (another woman said it's like someone to come home to).  Food is not your friend (maybe a back-stabbing friend).  Food is not the answer to life's problems  (anger, depression, loneliness, anxiety, job stress...)

Food is, simply, FUEL.  That's all.

Please try to get your mind around this, because you will never be able to move on until you do.
Ok, I hear you saying, "but I really love to eat!"
Yeah, I know that!  Don't we all.  But you are so far from enjoying your food it's not even funny.  You will never "enjoy" your food until you de-personify, de-toxify, de-criminalize it.  After it becomes "just food"  then you can start to enjoy it the way normal people do.

I'm gonna use that word "normal" a lot.  Because you know and I know that thinking of food as a lover, a companion, an answer, is not normal.  

It's just food.

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