Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stuff about Stuff

I've been eating all day. Some days it seems like I eat a lot. And I don't gain weight.


First of all, because I'm not stuffing myself the way I did when I was a binge eater. I'm not eating a whole tray of supermarket chocolate chip cookies or a whole container of ice cream. I EAT REAL FOOD. The stuff with the "built-in shut-off switch." Food without preservatives. Food that truly satisfies.
Remember the stuff you learned how to make in "home ec" class? That stuff your mom or grandma used to make for you that didn't come out of a wrapper? What about that green leafy stuff getting gooey in the bottom drawer of the fridge? (P.S. Please don't let veggies get like that! When they do, of course you don't want to eat them! Are you deliberately sabotaging your plans to be thin? If it's it an out of sight, out of mind thing, maybe it's time to make a little spot in the fridge right at eye-level for your precious veggies. You are gonna need them to be thin!) To continue: God did not put food on this earth to beguile or bedevil you. Mystical words, but they point to one thing: food is not the "enemy." He put it here for you to enjoy. And real food is the only food you are really going to be able to enjoy because you will instinctively know when to stop eating it.

Second of all, we need to re-define the verb "to stuff" to mean eating until your hunger is truly satisfied, not eating yourself into oblivion; eating the amounts and the foods that your body is craving as fuel, not eating something you saw on a food commercial on T.V. Remember back several posts when we talked about the "rules" for our "diet." (There really weren't any so we had to make some up. Just kidding: There are two important rules you should go back and review. Here they are: 1-Never eat unless you are hungry. 2-Never eat before going to bed.) The rules, though few, are very important and we need to take them seriously.

Can we add a "Rule #3?" Yes, let's. Don't eat until you are going to explode, but neither should you leave the table hungry. In other words, you should never be uncomfortable. To sum up, "When you are full, stop eating."

So Simple, So Beautiful. Six words that will change your life.

So eat real food. Enjoy it. And when you are done, stop.

And by the way, You're Lookin' Good!!!

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