Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Problem of Time

Time marches on. And that's a good thing. But not the way you think.

When you are planning your next diet, you always think about a time in the future. You find a diet that says "lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks" and you get all fired up. You mark the date on your calendar: 6 weeks from, say, this Monday (that's a good day to start a diet) and you write down your new, lighter weight on the calendar with glee.

Sound familiar?

The problem with this method is, it never works! Why? Because today and every day until Monday you are eating like a pig. You are trying to stuff as much as you can in before the big "deadline." And what you are missing is, today is all you have. I'll repeat that:


Be fat today and you are fat forever.
Be thin today and you will be thin forever.

To loosely quote Forrest Gump: Thin is as thin does.
Because forever is just a bunch of todays all strung together.
What you have just done with your "diet" is sully your soul, stretch out your stomach and entrench yourself ever deeper into "fatness." You're all bloated and you don't feel good about yourself. You feel like a failure. And that is a big fat mistake because you'll never lose weight until you feel good about yourself!

So. Take a deep breath. Stop planning to be thin at some time in the future, and then in the present doing all sorts of things to sabotage your dream. Just for today, decide what you can do to be healthy; to eat something delicious that is good for you, to feel good about yourself. Live today like it is the only day you have to be a thin person.

Because it is.

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